After his vocational training as a draftsman and accountant, Thomas finished his education as specialised Industrial Engineer at HTL Paul-Hahn-Straße in Linz, Austria. Since 1995 Thomas has been continuously contributing to the success of the parental company.

The Sudeten German descent of the family from the Gablonz region in today’s Czech Republic, is the centrepiece of the company’s history. After the Second World War, the business started in Enns, Austria as a supplier of the local fashion jewellery industry. Gablonzer jewellery – made in Austria – was renowned worldwide.

When Mr. Friedrich Zimmermann took over the company from his father in 1979, the business direction changed and some new areas were added. Friedrich anticipated the growing global price competition at an early stage, and aimed to realign the business strategy. Succesfully.

On the one hand, the business area as supplier of jewellery components became smaller and smaller. On the other, since approximately 35 years the company has positioned itself as a reliable supplier of the Austrian and South German automobile industry. Many prestigious car manufactures are today part of the client base. A fact of which we are very proud of!

After the liquidation of the local jewellery cooperative, Friedrich and Thomas together commenced writing a complete new chapter of the company’s history. With the acquisition of trademark rights for "Gablonzer", they went from being a supplier, to constitute GABLONZER Christmas Decoration. Father and son recognized the importance of these fine little adornments for so many quality- and tradition-loving people in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and beyond.

In 2011, the first piece of the traditional GABLONZER Christmas Decoration changed hands again, and since 2013 also GABLONZER fashion jewellery became more and more important. Today, we deliver our products to happy customers across Europe and as far as Russia and Dubai. The segment became one of our main pillars.

At the moment company Zimmermann has got five full-time employees and offers apprentice training for the next generation.
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